SportsAmaze would like to clarify that the images which are used for the articles are found on the internet and are regarded as an open source for representation purposes. The images and content that are circulating on the internet are simultaneously in public domain and thus prompting use by parties willing to do so.

However, we are responsible for our action, under no circumstances, would like to infringe or violate any rights of an individual or a firm who would not want his or her content to be used. If you are the solitary owner of an image and its rights which have been used on our website,, please do inform the company detailing the image and its rights.

We very stringently would like to avert any kinds of violation of copyrights or rights of ownership. If someone finds his or her image has been published without due credits and needs to be taken down, then they can always write a complaint or a request to take down the image which has infringed the copy rights

The request or the complaint can be mailed to The details that need to be filled in order to file a complaint are:

1. Name with other valid details of the complainant and a document expressing the party of being SOLE right holder to the image, content or others concerned.

2. The exact place on the website where the aggrieved party first saw the content, along with a visual proof of it or URL link of the page.

3. Specific details of the concerned image, content or other.

4. A declaration addressed to SportsAmaze, of being the rightful owner of the work used inappropriately by the company; (which will be used against if the complaint is fraudulent / misleading/ defamatory for the company.)

5. If you are a Second Party writing to us on behalf of the Original Copy Right holder, make sure to attach a letter of authority and the Physically or Electronically signed Declaration by the First Party or the Original Copy Right holder.

If the aforementioned details are incomplete or not properly filled, in small cases it may be deemed as inconsequential and will not be considered as a complaint received.

Once a complete and verified complaint or a request has been made, SportsAmaze will get back in writing to ensure the fact that a proper acknowledgement with due timeline of the case being addressed is shared with the complainant.

With all said and done, we would like to reiterate that SportsAmaze will never intentionally infringe any copyright violations and will resort to content created by the website and its associates.

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